A globalized world
needs global solutions
Deliver your products today to the international markets and collect your invoice tomorrow...International project financing...
About Premier Global F.
About Internat. Factoring
Inter. Project Financing
--No need to open letters of credit (L/C's).

--Expanded purchasing power without blocking existing lines of credit.

--Orders can be placed swiftly without incurring delays, Letters of credit (L/C), opening charges, negotiation charges, etc.

Lower costs than the aggregate charges for Letter of credit  L/C transactions.

--Protection against credit losses on foreign customers.
A Globalized world needs
Global solutions
There are many benefits to companies that choose to factor. In Addition to avoiding all the paper work associated with obtaining traditional financing, international factoring is easy and generally provides instant cash. Below is a list of additional benefits of factoring:

INCREASE WORKING CAPITAL - One of the most important benefits of international factoring is it provides your business with an immediate increase in working capital. In today's highly competitive economic environment, businesses are under constant pressure to tighten operational controls in order to maintain profitability. In many cases, small companies must devote more time to credit and cash flow concerns which shifts attention away from the principal objectives of increasing productivity, sales and marketing efforts. 

IMPROVE CASH FLOW WITHOUT TAKING ON MORE DEBT - You can eliminate long billing cycles and receive cash for your outstanding invoices generally within 24 hours. Since factoring is not a loan, you take on no new debt and maintain your company's leverage to take on new debt in the future. 

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SUPPLIER DISCOUNTS - Many suppliers offer discounts if they are paid in a short period of time. By factoring, you accelerate your cash flow allowing you to pay your suppliers earlier and take advantage of supplier discounts or buy in larger quantities.  

SPEND MORE TIME BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS AND LESS TIME COLLECTING MONEY - When you factor your invoices, you have the cash you need to operate your business. As a result, you can spend more time on the things that matter - sales, quality control, customer service, and production operations. By international factoring, the issue of 'collecting' will be off your mind.  

OFFER BETTER TERMS TO YOUR CUSTOMERS and increase Sales - International factoring will allow you to extend credit terms to large customers.  

OBTAIN CAPITAL WITH YOUR ASSETS - Because your ability to factor is based on the credit worthiness of your customers and not you, you can obtain the capital you need by leveraging your accounts receivable.