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Typically, when someone thinks of obtaining working capital for their business, most people immediately think of going to their local bank and applying for a loan. There are, however, other ways of obtaining working capital for your business without taking on any new debt or giving up any equity ownership in your business. Invoice factoring is one of the most common ways business owners get the working capital they need to operate and expand their businesses.

Once someone has a basic understanding of factoring and how it works, the question is usually asked, "who factors their invoices?" Suprisingly, factoring is used by companies in many industries, even industries that you may not think would use factors. Some of the industries benefiting from factoring include manufacturing, health care (hospitals and clinics), consulting, trucking, retail, advertising, recruiting, temporary employment staffing, construction, couriers and many other service based industries.

One thing businesses in these industries have in common is that they tend to have inconsistent, inconsistent cash flow. And even though their cash flow is not steady and consistent, these businesses have to cover payroll and pay suppliers on a regular basis. That is why many businesses in these industries rely heavily on invoice factoring as a means to stabalize their cash flow, thus giving them the working capital they need to operate and expand their businesses.

As you do your due diligence in deciding if factoring is right for your business, just remember that factoring is most likely an option that is available to most businesses in many different industries. Ultimately, any company that sells products or services to other businesses or government agencies on credit can factor their invoices.

If your business is small to medium sized or large (it doesn't matter the size) and on the move with plans to expand and grow, we can turn your invoices into working capital within 24 hours. Giving you:
A Globalized world needs
Global solutions
--An immediate cash injection of up to 80% of the value of your unpaid invoices. You will receive the balance (20%) once your client has paid.

--The same level of finance on all approved sales for the duration of your contract.

--An extensive sales ledger service.

--Professional credit management

Factoring can be complemented by our Bad Debt Protection facility, which gives you peace of mind when things go wrong. You can stay ahead of your competitors, as with protected debts you can confidently take on more business, finance it and continue to grow.

You can grow more easy and quickly that your competitors using our services!